Vital Easy Mask(Apprication Tape) for Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl.

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Easy Mask(Application Tape)

Easy Mask is called as application tape or masking tape. It is an essential accessory for Printable thermal transfer film to take off the printed images from its PET carrier backing film. And it is easy to handle the printed images on to garment before heat press process. Also Easy Mask can be useful to prevent color inks from evaporating from printable Heat Transfer Vinyl which is exposed to air when it is kept for long time. Easy Mask is transparent PET film which is 50mic. thickness and it has properly adjusted sticky tackiness. It doesn’t leave its tackiness print after heat press.

  • Thickness : 50mic; Excluding white acrylic backing liner

  • Roll size : 500mm(19.68") * 50meter(54.68yd)

  • N.W : 5kg per roll

Easy Mask(Application Tape)
Easy Mask(Application Tape)



These instructions may vary depending on the material and type of machine used.

Please check the specification for the best results. 


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